Sun Joe LJ10M Manual Log Splitter Review

7 Essential Tips for a Safer Log Splitting

Splitting large chunks of wood is not an easy task, no matter how efficient and sophisticated a log splitting machine you use for this purpose. The following are 7 important tips that you ought to consider when splitting logwood and in bulk. Do not forget to check out top safest manual log splitter review.

Read Instruction Manual Carefully

Read the instruction manual with care before using a log splitter. Go through all the different do’s and don’ts that you are supposed to adhere to when running this machine.

Wear Protective Clothing

Make sure that you wear protective clothing when engaging in the use of a log splitting device. This includes wearing items like safety goggles, ear muffs, steel toed boots, and a pair of sturdy long trousers and of course, work gloves. Take off any loose item, such as jewelry, when using a log splitter and also ensure that the clothes that you wear are not the type to get easily jammed into the moving parts of the machine.

Keep the Work Area Clean

By maintaining an unobstructed perimeter around the log splitter, of about 2 to 3 meters, you can ensure proper airflow and avoid accidents.

Keep Animals and Children far away

Keep animals and children far away from you when you use a log splitter. Make sure that they are nowhere in the vicinity.

Don’t use the Log Splitter when Inebriated

Avoid using the log splitter when intoxicated. Also avoid using it after taking medication that may likely impair your vision, reduce your capacity to think or react etc.

Watch what you Load

Keep careful watch of how much wood you load into the log splitter. By continuously lifting logs from the ground and into the machine, you may just end up putting considerable strain over your back and your spine.

Use the Log Splitter Outdoors

The log splitter should be used in outdoor areas only. It is too dangerous a device to be used in closed spaces.

Thus, by paying careful consideration to the tips mentioned above, you can certainly end up using your log splitter in a safe and secure manner.